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What is Over/Under Betting In Sports? Definition and Tips

The world of betting on sports is interesting and thriving: there are many bets you can place on sports.  Especially in recent years, many new betting opportunities have come to what you can bet. One of them is called over/under betting, or total bet. Actually, the total bet is the most popular over/under bet, so many people use these terms interchangeably. It is one of the most popular betting options in the world, usually provided by bookmakers and virtual betting platforms (an example of such a platform is 20BetApp).In our article, we want to explain to you what the over/Under bets are and give you the best tips and hints along the way. 

Over/Under Bet Definition

Bet Definition

The bettor’s job is to predict whether the total score in the match will fall or exceed below the set amount (score). So, if you place an over/under bet, you don’t predict the exact score. Before the start of the game oddsmakers publish their predictions on the total score of the game, and the bettor wagers whether the real total score is over or under the score of the oddsmakers. 

Sports bettors can use it to bet on a certain event in a game in a wide variety of ways.  For example, a total score of 100 is specified by the oddsmaker. Bettors  can now decide whether to bet “Over”, i.e. more than 10, or “Under”, i.e. less than 10  goals in the match. So, the success of an over/under bet does not depend on whether the team you bet on before actually wins the match. 

How to place Over/Under Bets successfully

Bets successfully

We deal with the case of betting on “more than 10 goals will be scored” in a match. So it is an Over 10  goals bet. First, you look at the last ten games of the two dueling teams and see how many times they have played “Over”. You also calculate the number of home goals scored by the home team and the number of away goals scored by the other team per away game. From this, you calculate how many goals are scored in total on average in the home and away games respectively. In addition, you should also look at the last ten direct encounters between the two teams and calculate how many goals are scored regularly and whether you can see a trend.

Should you come to the conclusion with all points that more than 10  goals will fall in the match as well, then it seems to be a relatively safe bet. Now, of course, you still have to see how high the odds are for an over 10 goals bet.

And to place such bets successfully, it is good to choose a game where the home team is favored. With favored guests, a 1:1 is a very popular result. Anyway, a 1-1 draw is the most feared result in an over 2.5 goals bet. Often a draw is enough for both teams and they come to terms with the result you can see the motivation to score a winning goal dwindle and your bet goes down the drain. A favored home team, on the other hand, will always tend to score the winning goal – and even if the away team scores an unexpected counter-attacking goal, that should be fine with us, as in the end more than 10  goals have been scored and we can collect a hefty profit.

So, it was a very simple explanation of over/under betting, with which we will get into the topic. Ready to place your over/under bet? 

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