Bandit slot game

Bandit slot game

Do you trust your own judgment? Then Bandit is for you. The game here is for you who like to make decisions that have an impact on your game later on.

The game Bandit is a game where you can win the big money, and where YOU have the leader’s jersey on.

Bandit’s range of slot machine games:

The slot machine has a number of feature games that help you on your way to the big wins. Here we are talking about feature games such as:

The heist:

Here, it’s about creating choices that provide the best opportunities for yourself by moving your bandits tactically around the game.

Franz Jäger:

Here you will find the code to win up to 9 prizes at once. Here you can also win the biggest prizes.

Light play:

Here you can win up to 60 jackpot games, where there is a double up chance of winning on the reels. You choose entirely yourself when you want to play light games!

Game flash:

You can play on 9 fields in this game to win money. To win the given prize, the Flash/light will stop on one of the fields.

Jackpot chance:

Run away with the huge money bag with up to 60 jackpot games.

Games you choose whether you want to play on:

  • Light play
  • The heist
  • Franz Jäger

You get this choice when the reels stand as three Bandit symbols – then you choose your game and press HOLD on either 1, 2 or 3.

Your win summary:

Below is a winnings table which shows what you can win on:

  • Lemon: 10 credit
  • Orange: 20 credit
  • Plum: 30 credits
  • Hours: 40 credits
  • Watermelon: 60 credit
  • Red bar: 100 credit
  • Blue bar: 200 credit

Green bar: At the green bar you can get a bar flash of 400-600 credit, or score a jackpot chance.

Winning bonus:

Winning bonus

If you get a red, blue or green bar, you can score an extra bonus.

Here we a pay table come up with 12 illustrated gold bars. When you win on one of these three color bars, light will come on in 1, 2 or 3 bars respectively.

If you managed to get all 12 gold bars lit up/lit, you get the opportunity to play a flash game in the form of game flash or a game of your choice.

If you score some of the other prizes, such as orange, plum, bell or watermelon, you will be met by another type of prize board. The pay table here illustrates 12 cartridges, where these 12 cartridges, like the above, must light up before an extra game is triggered. Here you can score the opportunity to play the two optional games Kuppet or Franz Jáger.

Depending on which symbol you land and win on, 1 or 2 cartridges will be lit at a time.

Review and bonus codes for Bandit

Would you like to know more about the game and score bonus codes for the game above?

Take a closer look at Spillehallen’s review of Bandit, where as something extra you can also find a unique bonus code for Spillehallen worth no less than DKK 100. This code is given free of charge to all new players who use this code when creating.

Not only that, you are also offered a 100% deposit bonus of up to DKK 250! This deposit can be used for the first deposit.

How do I win a flash game?

If you want to win a game flash, you must score 3 x money bags on the reels.

You can also get gameflash through these games: Franz Jäger, Kuppet, Superflash, Guldbarrerne, Lysspillet or Kuppet.

Once you have got gameflash, you play on 9 winning fields. The prize is paid out when the machine stops on one of these fields.

You can either win: Top game, Jackpot game, 5 lines 30 games, 3 lines 20 games, Super hold 15 games, plum to melon, , 4 nudge, 3 nudge or 50 credit.

Pay attention to the following

guarantee a safe

To guarantee a safe and reliable venue, you must be registered and logged in with NemID.

Tip: If you managed to score a game of choice and you have many lines and want to win, you should choose the game Franz Jäger or Kuppet.

The level of this slot machine is at “practice”, which means that you as a player have an increased influence on the course and outcome of the game. It is therefore recommended that you have a good understanding of the game before you start.

However, beginners with ice cream in their stomachs can easily play along and win! So what are you waiting for?

You can read more about the Arcade in our FAQ about the Arcade.

Terms and rules for playing at

You must be 18 years of age to play.

You must have either a Danish (including Greenlandic) or Faroese CPR number.

In addition, you must also have a Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese residential address.

If you would like to read more about terms, you can read more on their website.

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